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Pictures of a video chance during the birthday celebration of the man who fell into an artesian well while walking, in front of the eyes of all the visitors.

Antonio andriani
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The appearances occur blurry but they are the announcement of what occurred a few moments before the loss of the forty-year-old.

The accident occurred in Erice, a community in the region of Trapani. Those current were immortalizing the minutes of pleasure, while the well-known Antonio Andriani was enjoying his birthday club. She had previously reserved the villa and had agreed on to celebrate his fortieth birthday there.

Antonio stood dancing on the screen of the artesian well, enclosed by companions. The photos exhibition that, in some sense, he decided to get off and reached out for benefit. Unfortunately, at that exact moment, the cover of the well is the highway and Antonio is launched. Whoever was snatching it attempted in every way to pull it, without occurring able to do so.

Later the decline, the song quit and everyone touched on the well glancing for an answer from Antonio.

They arrived on the spot in a quick time, as well did the saviors. With the help of the divers, the birthday boy out. Unfortunately, Andriani was already late. The severe fall died his life immediately. The body is now in the Marsala morgue, at the removal of the judicial permissions. The results of the postmortem.

Antonio Andriani existed well known in the neighborhood, he always conducted by describing Renato Zero contributed in many music celebrations, and even came out on TV.

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