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Best Gaming controllers for pc: Logitech, Xbox, Sony and more


Here are a number of the excellent gaming controllers on the market that can elevate your gaming revel in to the following level.
with the aid of Kunal Khullar -posted On: June 14, 2022 | ultimate up to date: June 14, 2022
a true pc gamer will swear via a mouse and keyboard combination, however there are sure sport genres that paintings better with a gamepad or controller. sports activities video games like FIFA, racing titles such Forsa Horizon and fighter games like Mortal Kombat feel plenty greater intuitive when played the use of a controller. Today it doesn’t count number in case you are a price range gamer, or like to indulge within the maximum top rate peripherals. You may without difficulty discover a solid controller that fits their setup and fashion of gaming.
We have indexed some of the excellent ones available on the market in case you are on the lookout for a new gaming controller for pc gaming

Ant Esports GP100

Beginning with the greater affordable alternatives, Ant Esports gives the GP100 that’s a easy plug and play USB wired gamepad. It features two textured analogue sticks, a D-Pad, ABXY buttons and shoulder buttons (L1, L2/R1, and R2). There are also a group of greater buttons in the middle for added capability. Even as the general production of the controller is respectable, the grips have a rubberized texture end and it offers exquisite ergonomics. The employer also notes a few additional features which include vibration comments, multi-mode guide for Xinput/DirectInput /Android, JD-transfer characteristic, which can change the features of D-pad and left-stick in Xinput mode and faster function, which could set the button to recognize automated rapid repeating-hitting characteristic.
Ant Esports GP100 evaluation
The Ant Esports GP100 has standard controller layout with respectable rubberized texture grips. The shape issue of this controller is appropriate for lengthy gaming periods and its in-built vibration cars will provide haptic comments in various games. However, you might face a few driver troubles at the same time as the usage of Ant Esports GP100 controller, which might be fixed without difficulty by using reinstalling the motive force.
-multiple input assist
-Textured rubber grips
-Vibration automobiles
-prone to driver issues
-Sleep mode cannot be switched off

Logitech F310

Logitech is a reliable name in terms of computer peripherals. The F310 gamepad is nearly a legacy product however continues to be the choice of many price range gamers who’re looking for a straightforward controller. It has a very standard layout with analogue sticks next to each different, a D-Pad, ABXY buttons, shoulder buttons, and a short toggle switch at the returned for Input/DirectInput modes. The controller feels stable in the hand in spite of the simple plastic end, and moreover offers aid for Steam large picture and can be used with an Android TV.
Logitech F310 evaluation
The Logitech F310 controller has an outdated layout that might not be liked by way of many players. The button format is pretty trendy; with an extra toggle transfer for enter modes. The construct excellent might not appearance as appealing at the start; however it does experience accurate at the same time as playing games. That being said, the Logitech F310 does no longer built in vibration vehicles, so you received’t get hap tic feedback in video games.
-devoted XInput/DirectInput transfer
-fairly cozy to use
-Dated design language
-No vibration comments

PowerA more desirable wired Controller

A extraordinarily advocated opportunity for the Xbox Controller, the PowerA stronger is a reasonably properly priced stressed out controller for laptop gaming. In truth, it appears and feels very just like the usual Xbox collection X controller with the addition of a detachable USB cable, quantity controls, and two extra programmable cause buttons at the returned. Available in a diffusion of colors, the PowerA more desirable is an outstanding choice for someone searching out a strong wired controller that gives the identical capability of an Xbox controller.
PowerA more desirable stressed out controller review
The PowerA more desirable stressed controller appears like you’re buying a low-cost Xbox controller. The controller seems and feels quite a great deal the same as the brand new Xbox series X|S controller, with volume manipulate and greater programmable triggers at the lower back. Not like the Xbox controller, the PowerA superior controller doesn’t help Bluetooth connection.
-nearly all features as an Xbox controller
-additional programmable triggers
-type of color options
-reasonably-priced plastic feel
-extent manipulate confined to wired headsets plugged into the controller

Logitech F710

The Logitech F710 comes with an old-faculty layout which is basically much like the F310, however with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity. Much like the F310, it supports home windows, Steam and Android television gadgets, and springs with a nano-USB dongle. This one can also switch among XInput or DirectInput modes together with an in-built twin-vibration feedback vehicles. If you are looking for a no-fuss Wi-Fi gaming controller, then this simply is probably it.
Logitech F710 assessment
The Logitech F710 controller has an unorthodox layout that might not suitable for all people. What’s extremely good about the controller is that it supports 2.4 GHz WI-Fi connectivity for home windows, Steam, and Android television, allowing you to attach the controller to numerous gadgets. The Logitech F710 controller additionally comes with dual-vibration feedback cars, in an effort to be superexcellent for hap tic feedback in games.
-durable battery
-accurate button comments
-type of color alternatives
-Connectivity is dodgy
-no longer the maximum comfortable controller

Microsoft Xbox series Controller

The Xbox One controller turned into succeeded by way of the Xbox collection controller with the release of Microsoft’s Xbox series X and collection S consoles. There isn’t a number of distinction among the two, with only a few added functions on the series controller. At the identical time it is our advice for the quality Wi-Fi controllers for laptop gaming. Its miles fully well suited with home windows and offers exquisite overall performance for all styles of gaming genres. Apart from Bluetooth wireless connectivity, the controller can be linked the usage of the bundled USB type-C cable or the usage of the Xbox Wi-Fi Adapter, which is bought one at a time. Assume a premium design, and a responsive vibration motor for an immersive gaming experience.
Microsoft Xbox series controller assessment
The Xbox series controller is quite just like the Xbox One controller. The Xbox collection controller gives outstanding wireless and stressed connectivity for pc in addition to cell telephones. The inbuilt vibration motor is great for gambling video games with hap tic comments. However, the controller comes with normal AAA batteries and you will want to shop for rechargeable batteries one at a time.
-Textured end grips and analogue sticks
-variety of connectivity options
-premium appearance and experience
-No rechargeable battery in container
-now not a major replace from previous version

Sony Dual Sense wireless Controller

Sony-DualSense-PS5-controllerSony’s next-gen controller for its new playstation five offers the same connectivity alternatives as its predecessor. Basically what which means is that the brand new Dual Sense wireless controller may be used with a laptop. Aside from the slick remodeled layout, the controller comes with more advantageous hap tic remarks whilst the brand new adaptive triggers are genuinely sport changing, despite the fact that there is restrained sport help. The controller may be related to your computer via Bluetooth or the usage of a USB-C cable for stressed connection. Whilst the controller can be configured with Steam, there is probably times wherein certain games aren’t supported. As a result, it is excellent that you do a chunk of studies for workarounds earlier than purchasing this controller.
Sony Dual Sense controller evaluation
Sony’s PS5 Dual Sense controller is any other splendid option for computer gaming. The controller has great adaptive triggers, which are predicted to get extra game aid in the future. The Dual Sense controller may be connected to laptop via Bluetooth as well as USB kind-C. That being stated, the battery existence is an problem in the course of long gaming sessions.
-Hap tics and adaptive triggers are recreation converting
-Futuristic layout
-cozy grips
-limited adaptive cause capability on computer
-Battery existence isn’t the exceptional

8 Bitdo SF30 pro

This one is for all you retro gaming lovers out there. 8Bitdo has been making some definitely thrilling controllers with the SF30 seasoned imparting a nostalgic layout with a modern-day twist. The Wi-Fi controller gives support for home windows, MacOS, Steam, Android, Raspberry Pie and Nintendo switch. In line with the employer the SN30 pro is the sector’s first, absolutely featured retro controller presenting a full button set with clickable joysticks, rumble vibration, motion controls, Wi-Fi Bluetooth, rechargeable battery, home and display shot buttons, and a USB-C connector. Basically, this is one of the high-quality multi-platform controllers in the marketplace today.
8 Bitdo SF30 seasoned evaluate
the 8Bitdo SF30 seasoned controller has retro layout that reminds you of the SNES controller. The controller is exquisite for gamers who play video games on a couple of devices as 8Bitdo SF30 pro offers Wi-Fi and wired connectivity for a couple of structures. Besides these, the controller has rumble vibration guide for hap tic comments and a dedicated screenshot buttons for quickly taking screenshots of memorable moments from games.
-Multi-platform help
-solid retro design with analogue sticks
-Occasional misreads at the D-Pad
-not the best grip design

Razer Wolverine tournament version

One just cannot forget about Razer while talking about gaming peripherals. The Razer Wolverine tournament version is a premium recreation controller that has all of the bells and whistles along with the enterprise’s signature Chroma RGB lighting. It also comes with trigger stops for rapid-fire an ergonomic non-slip rubber grip, a three.5 mm audio jack for audio output and microphone input and a brief-release USB cable with a ten-feet braided fiber cable. Apart from that Razer has also focused on the vibration automobiles, and giving specific sensitivity control to gamers for greater aiming precision or speedy response.
Razer Wolverine event edition evaluate
The Razer Wolverine event edition is a top class controller that looks like an Xbox controller with RGB lighting fixtures and four extra programmable buttons. The controller has awesome sensitivity control that may be beneficial in FPS video games for specific aiming. The construct best of the Razer Wolverine match version is splendid and it is quite comfy to apply for long gaming sessions.
-premium lightweight layout
-extra programmable buttons
-RGB lighting fixtures
-Cable now not easily replaceable due to particular shape

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