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Faisal wani nupur sharma video trending On Twitter, Reddit and Youtube


YouTuber Faisal Wani was arrested for a violent video on Nupur Sharma .

On seeing this video of Faisal Wani, it became trending on social media.

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Who is Faisal Wani?

Faisal Wani is a YouTuber from Kashmir. He runs a fitness channel on YouTube named Deep Pain Fitness.

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How is Nupur Sharma?

Nupur Sharma is the former national spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

She was suspended from the party in June 2022 over her remarks on the Prophet Mohammad during a debate on a news channel.

Faisal Wani trending video,

YouTuber Faisal Wani of Kashmir Valley released a video about a former BJP spokesperson making controversial remarks against Prophet Muhammad.

In this video of him, an effigy of Nupur Sharma was shown beheading. This video of Faisal Wani became trending on social media as soon as he saw it.

Seeing a growing controversy, Faizal apologized to the people for releasing the video and the video was also deleted from the channel.

Taking action on this video of Faizal, the police arrested him.

What happened in the video?

In this video, Faisal Wani has become a hangman and is seen beheading Nupur Sharma.

After the video went trending Faisal got nervous and started saying that he had no ill intentions.

People are very angry with this video. This video which encourages violence, and advocates taking the law into the hand, is very serious.

Faizan says that he didn’t make this video with bad intention, and I apologize.

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