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Flumingss on Twitter full video – Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey Instagram live streaming video

Flumingss on Twitter full video - Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey Instagram video
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On Friday morning live video on Instagram live streaming now most popular in social media.

Behind this whole story actually two so young girl and a boy involved basically they both are siblings.

As you all know these two young boy and girl were present at a birthday celebration when the accident happened when this little fairy may have suddenly pulled the trigger of the gun but as a result about 14 years. “Kuaron Harvey” an innocent child whose name is currently circulating on social media, has lost his life.

This is a painful event because it is the negligence of the parents that causes such accidents. Parents should take care of their children.

And then back to the topic when it happened suddenly, the girl “Paris Harvey” who’s only 12 years old was in a state of fear, she did not understand what to do, how to cover it.

As she did so, she pulled out a gun and killed himself. This whole scene was captured by the eye of the camera which was present on the live Instagram Streaming video at that time.

One of the surprises that comes to mind here is that no one heard the sound of gunfire which would have caught the girl in shock or stopped her from taking her own life.

Everyone in his house is in a state of shock at the moment because no one expected such an event

You ccan easily watch this video by clicking this link

Flumingss Twitter Video Paris Harvey and kuaron Harvey

Her Grandma totally in shocked who put the gun in her hand. How she did it because everyone busy with the birthday party while she was there and her sibling also were playing with her.

At the St. Louis Birthday party these people are saying that this incident happened when it was mid-Friday there. Initially it is being said that this incident is an accident which happened due to the negligence of the children.

But more than that, it is a big mistake for parents to keep such dangerous things in the reach of their children so easily and not pay attention to them.

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