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Gloria matthew nigeria video


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Gloria matthew nigeria video

Retired veteran Linus Audu and his wife, Private Gloria Matthew, were exterminated as they went to their palm department in Imo state on Saturday.

Gloria matthew nigeria
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As numerous societies doubted the perpetrators, the Nigerian military pulled out bodies and indicted the patients.

However, in a message published by spokeswoman Emma Powerful on Wednesday, the organization said it was “ridiculous” that the Nigerian military was involving them. It was against the ceremony to exterminate a girl or a son-in-law.

We want to say that I am confident that hand is not in the form of the wrong which is an abomination in society.

However, he said before the safety forces claimed duty for the onset.Times when man of polluted ministers with safety officials to give Ipob a guilty name.

They said this recent counts false message they are circulating to contaminate Ipob’s status in the world but the world understands they dislike it.

They got on to affect Fulani robbers in achieving slayings largely in Kaduna and Plateau State. Nobody was done to them but they appeared to the East to exhibit their courage where the civilians stay.

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