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How to Become a Professional Content Writer


So you need to be a creator. Extremely good preference, if we do say so ourselves.
But now you would possibly locate yourself thinking how to be a writer. Is an author in reality somebody who writes, or is there greater to it? How a lot writing do you need to do earlier than you can officially name yourself a writer? Do you want to receive a commission to your paintings in an effort to earn that identify? Does it need to be published someplace?
The answer to all of the questions above is no. as long as you’re writing, you’re a writer. Even if it takes ten years to get your first e book published, you’ve been a writer because you sketched out your very first e book outline. And despite the fact that writing a book is one way to turn out to be an expert writer, it’s hardly ever the best manner. Read directly to analyze more approximately the distinctive writing careers you can pursue and a way to get started.

Determine the type of writer you want to be

Writers fall into two very broad classes: writers who write actually for personal amusement and writers who write professionally. Many, perhaps even most, professional writers additionally write for a laugh and personal fulfillment—however not every author who does it as an interest also does it for a residing.
If you’ve decided you want to emerge as a professional creator, there are lots of distinctive profession paths to pick from. Check among the maximum not unusual profession paths for writers:


Copywriters write the taglines, product descriptions, commercials, and other quick, emotion-packed bits of writing (recognized inside the biz as “reproduction”) that force human beings to take unique movements. Within this field, there are plenty of specializations, like direct response copy writing, e mail copy writing, search engine optimization copy writing, marketing copy writing, and emblem copy writing. Even as masses of copywriters are employed full-time, masses extra work for themselves, taking clients on a contract basis.
Beyond those specializations, copywriters usually focus on particular industries, like the medical industry, arts and amusement, SAAS, pets, subscription services, and more—essentially, any enterprise you may think about employs copywriters.
according to Glass door, the common annual income for copywriters in the united states of America is $fifty seven,864.*

Content author

The blog put up you’re reading right now was written by using a content material creator. In reality, all the content you’ve ever read on an internet site, like how-to guides, informational articles, and the textual content on info graphics, became written by means of content material writers. Even the ads you’ve watched on TV come from content material writers—in any case, any person has to write down the scripts.
Bloggers fall into the class of “content writer.” just like copywriters; content writers commonly focus on one or a few specific industries. And just like copywriters, they can work in-residence or freelance.
In line with Glass door, the average annual profits for content material writers in the United States are $47,233.

Technical creator

Technical writers create documentation that teaches humans how to use programs and tech gadget. They do that by using writing preparation manuals, how-to guides, articles, and product courses. They write comparable kinds of fabric as content writers, however the distinction is that whilst content material writers commonly purpose to engage readers, frequently as a part of broader advertising techniques, technical writers write to give an explanation for how a product or machine works.
A technical writer’s paintings needs to be fairly exact and go away no room for misinterpretation or blunders. It’s fairly commonplace, but no longer always generic, for technical writers to have ranges or other formal schooling in STEM fields.
In line with the Bureau of exertions data, the median pay for technical writers changed into $74,650 in keeping with yr in 2020.

Communications officer

A communications officer acts because the spokesperson for a logo or every other employer, publishing content like press releases and responding to media inquiries. Communications officers are every so often referred to as public relations experts or communications specialists.
In line with Glass door, the average annual revenue for a communications officer is $57,896.


Newshounds write well timed information stories. A profession in journalism requires more than writing capabilities; it calls for robust studies and interviewing skills, too. Journalist’s paintings in an expansion of settings, from on line stores to radio and television to print courses.
Consistent with Pay scale, the common annual revenue for newshounds in the US is $41,624.

Grant author

 A grant author—additionally known as an offer author—researches, writes, and submits provide requests on behalf of people and companies in search of investment. Commonly, this function includes finding specific presents and figuring out whether or not they’re appropriate for the employer in search of them. It may additionally involve acting as a liaison between the funding issuer and recipient.
In keeping with earnings.com, the median revenue for supply writers in the US is $72,645.


Columnists write and put up short essays from their non-public factors of view. Their booklet systems are referred to as “columns” and may be observed in newspapers, magazines, and on-line. Often, a column covers information and evergreen topics within one specific place, like crypto currency or style design, and the columnist writing it has some form of credential to write down authoritatively on that problem—like a lengthy career as a crypto trader or an MFA in style design.
According to salary.com, the common annual earnings for columnists within the US are $66,725.


 Whilst you say “I’m an author,” the majority’s minds mechanically soar to authors, as in published eBook authors.
For authors, it’s close to impossible to list accurate annual profits. For every mega-bestselling creator who rakes in thousands and thousands, there are thousands of other authors sporadically publishing in literary magazines for some hundred bucks according to tale. Even authors who submit books frequently and semi-frequently have wildly varying incomes, with the average coming in at $51,103 consistent with 12 months according to Pay scale. If you’re thinking about the author course, the reality is that you’ll maximum probable need to paintings a complete-time task at the same time as writing and publishing on the aspect. This is true whether you intend on pursuing conventional publishing or self-publishing, both of which have unique blessings and demanding situations for writers.


 In case your number one focus is poetry, you’d confer with your self as a poet. Similar to authors, poets’ earning range widely and usually, and writing poetry is greater of a monetized hobby than a full-time job. That stated, there are industrial possibilities for poets, like writing for greeting card organizations, however those are regularly on a contract basis.

Create sensible dreams and expectations

The truth is that this: You’re not likely to sit down down and bang out a bestseller on the first try. Further, you’re not assured to pitch a gaggle of articles to web sites and get all of them prevalent with out a previous experience. Like every different pursuit, a writing profession is something you cultivate and nurture over time.
When you’re first beginning out, set sensible dreams for yourself. Maybe you want to grow to be a complete-time blogger. Choose a platform, installation your weblog, and begin publishing posts, giving yourself a reasonable but consistent agenda like one or posts in line with week. Or maybe you’ve determined you want to present copywriting a shot. A few practical beginning points for an aspiring copywriter encompass taking note of podcasts like the Copywriter membership and duplicate leader Radio, discovering special regions of specialization, and applying for entry-stage copywriting jobs and internships. You could even reach out to an already set up copywriter for an informational interview.

The more you write and strive out distinct kinds of writing, the better you’ll get to recognize you’re self as a creator. Maybe you’ll discover that you’re at your best whilst you’re working below a good cut-off date and you have to cognizance on nothing but the work in the front of you. Or you may find that’s the exact opposite of your style and you want lots of time for you to write at a secure pace. maybe writing is the innovative outlet you want after spending the day at a run of the mill desk task—or your excellent ideas come to you within the midnight.
There are masses of various forms of writers, and no person fits neatly into one field or some other. However taking the time to decide which kind of writer you may basically classify your self as can help you identify your strengths and areas of opportunity. In case you’re making plans to pursue writing as a career, it may also help you decide which type of writing career suits you best. A meticulous plotter, for instance, can discover a ton of fulfillment as a technical writer, but they might not have the spontaneity essential to make it as an immediate reaction copywriter. Further, an idea generator may be their running a blog purchaser’s nice-saved secret, however they won’t make a first rate provide writer.

Work with the tools writers use

There are numerous apps and other gear to be had that will help you organize your writing, take notes at the move, write quicker, and make sure your paintings is freed from errors.

Discover that gear and if you plan on going into a selected writing-centered profession subject, familiarize yourself with the gear writers in that enterprise use most often. Some of the maximum common gear expert and hobby writers use are:

Google medical doctors
Ever note
Buzz Sumo
Word stream loose keyword device
FX Flesch-Kincaid readability tool
citation machine
Stay Focused
There are greater equipment and resources available for you—plenty greater. A lot of them are precise to positive types of writing, like Yeast, which is a see (seo) plug-in.

End up an everyday reader

 You’ve possibly been advised that if you want to be an author, you want to be a reader. And it’s real—similar to listening to a variety of song is prime to being a professional musician, reading lots of various sorts of writing will assist you become a stronger writer.

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