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“Origin of Sociology”

Assignment Objective

Upon completion of this assignment, the students will be able to understand the contribution of
classical theorist in the origin and development of sociology as a discipline.


Sociology is the scientific study of human social life, groups and societies. Sociology as a distinct
discipline emerged about the middle of the 19th century when European social observers began to
use scientific methods to test their ideas. Different theorist contributed in the origin and the
development of sociology with their work.

In the given scenarios, background and major work of sociologists are explained. Identify the
theorist name and write down his\her three major contributions in the domain of sociology. Explain
the theorist work briefly and write it in your own words.

Of the
Major contributions in the domain of Sociology
He was French and credited
with being the founder of
sociology. He migrated from a
small town to Paris. He
advocated for building new
societies on twin foundations
of science and industry rather
than on religion and
landowner-serf relationship.
AUGUST COMTEAugusta Comte was one of the founders of sociology and coined the time period sociology.

Comte believed sociology should unite all sciences and improve society.

Comte emphasized social dynamics over social statics.

Comte turned into the first philosopher to use the time period sociology.

Comte described sociology as a positivistic technology.

Comte supplied a dialectical view of macro-social structures.

He was an Englishman. He
believed that society operates
under some fixed laws and
evolve from lower to higher
forms. He was a social
philosopher rather than a
social researcher.
HERBERT SPENSERSpencer became to begin with satisfactory recognized for developing and making use of evolutionary principle to philosophy, psychology and the study of society what he called his “artificial philosophy”

Herbert Spencer is well-known for his doctrine of social Darwinism, which asserted that the principles of evolution, which include herbal choice, apply to human societies, social lessons, and people in addition to to organic species developing over geologic time.

Within the concepts of Sociology, Spencer described sociology because they have a look at of wonderful-organic phenomena—that is, of family members amongst organisms
He was a German. According
to him the key to human
history is Conflict. He
discussed the clash among two
groups of people for scarce
economic resources in the
social world Because of his
insights into the relationship
between the social classes, he
is claimed to be an early
sociologist. He introduced one
of the major perspectives in
KARL MAXThe ideas of Karl Marx (1818–1883) on alienation, historic alternate, class relationships, the capitalist gadget, and social revolution have had a long-lasting impact on sociology, even though hobby in his paintings has fluctuated and sociologists have not constantly agreed approximately its relevance.

Marx’s most important contribution to sociological idea turned into his fashionable mode of analysis, the “dialectical” model, which regards each social device as having within it immanent forces that supply rise to “contradictions”  that can be resolved handiest by way of a new social system.

For Marx, the purpose was the conquest of political electricity with the aid of employees, the abolition of personal assets, and the eventual status quo of a classless and stateless communist society.

Karl Marx becomes a German political truth seeker and economist. He wrote the ‘Communist Manifesto’, with the help of a French associate, Fredrick Engels. After his loss of life, new democratic socialism got here to the scene, and ultimately Russia adopted socialism.

He was French. His primary
goal was of getting sociology
recognized as a separate
academic discipline. He
identified the key role of
social integration in social life.
A concept developed by
sociologist in which we study
how values, culture, and
norms control the actions and
beliefs of individuals and
society as a whole
EMILE DURKHEIMEmile Durkheim was a 19th century sociologist who’s dubbed as the father of French sociology.

Considered one of Durkheim’s fundamental contributions changed into to assist outline and establish the sector of sociology as an educational field.

Durkheim prominent sociology from philosophy, psychology, economics, and different social technology disciplines by way of arguing that society changed into an entity of its own.

Emile Durkheim argued that faculties had been crucial for ‘imprinting’ shared social values into the minds of youngsters. He believed schools would play a relevant position in forming modern-day societies.

He’s most properly referred to as the writer of on the department of Social exertions, the rules of Sociological method, Suicide, and The simple sorts of spiritual existence. But, Durkheim also published a voluminous variety of articles and critiques, and has had numerous of his lecture courses posted posthumously.
He was a German. His
thoughts on power and social
classification of the
individuals in the social world,
which he shared in his book
titled Economy and Society,
led to the complex
formulations of
socioeconomic status and
social class. The theorist
described how the idea of
power, property and prestige
classify the individuals of the
social world?
Marking scheme:
MAX WEBERWeber believed that sociologists, not like herbal scientists, had the capability to recognize social phenomena, and that this understanding done via systematic and rigorous studies and rational system of have a look at changed into verstehen.

Weber was an ”ascetic” (self-disciplined) pupil whose technique to sociology is focused around: the idea of social action, knowledge capitalism and the position rationalization in society.

Max Weber becomes born in Erfurt, Prussia (gift-day Germany) on April 21, 1864. He is considered one of the 3 founding fathers of sociology, along Karl Marx, and Emile Durkheim. His textual content “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” changed into considered a founding textual content in sociology.

Marking scheme:

1 mark for Identification of theorist

1*5 (5) 3 marks for contributions: 3*5 (15)


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