Jimin bts trending on Social Media and Twitter


    In this article we are going to tell you about Jimin BTS and why he is trending on Twitter also tell you about thier recent .

    Who is Jimin-?

    Jimin born October 13, 1995 known mononymously as Jimin, is a South Korean singer and dancer.

    Who Jimin BTS is on trending?

    The fashionability of Korean boyband BTS is known to all by now. While their tracks keep breaking records with their million views in only a little time, lately the Bangtan boy Jimin took the internet by storm with only three selfies.

    Moment, Jimin took to the sanctioned Twitter handle of BTS and participated his rearmost three selfies from the sets of their rearmost track ‘ authorization To cotillion. ’ I

    n the filmland, he was seen looking breath- taking as he slipped the same buckaroo inspired outfit from the music videotape. The caption read, “ I miss you ”. While ARMY ca n’t get over Jimin’s comeliness in the filmland, still, it’s someone who’s seen making a cutlet heart behind the songster that’s grabbing suckers ’ attention.

    Although some druggies suppose it’s Jin, others are saying it’s Jungkook’s hand most presumably.

    Jimin BTS respond to his fan –

    BTS member Jimin responded to a addict who suggested he try some biryani. Taking to Weverse lately, Jimin interacted with suckers and was left in splits after fellow group member Jin asked if he should prepare his food for him.

    On the platform, Jimin participated a post,” I am wondering what I should eat? What did you guys eat( as a mess)?”

    What really Jimin make biryani ?

    When a addict asked Jimin to help them choose a mess from the canteen menu, Jimin suggested pork belly fried rice.

    An ARMY also suggested Jimin have racy haze to which the songster said, as restated by Twitter [email protected]_,” It sounds great! racy haze.” When a addict said they can not eat anything because of gastritis, Jimin replied,” When you are empty, stuff like potatoes are good and cabbage juice or broccoli juice are good for gastritis!”

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