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Leo varadkar kiss video | leo varadkar video kissing,leo varadkar tiktok video


Right so, a video appears this evening of a Sunday, right before the Monday news cycle, it’s going trending on twitter as we type and read, share and like.

We see Leo Varadkar necking some other man not his legal partner in some nightclub, probably a totally gay nightclub or pub somewhere, at some time, whatever.The whole video looks totally fake and totally gay.

Leo varadkar Wikipedia Biography

Leo Varadkar, (born January 18, 1979, Dublin, Ireland), Irish politician who became leader of the Fine Gael party and Ireland’s first openly gay taoiseach (prime minister) in June 2017. He remained in office until June 2020.

Leo varadkar Family

Varadkar’s mother, an Irish-born nurse, and his father, an Indian-born physician, met while working together in England. Before settling in Dublin, where Varadkar, the youngest of three children, was born, the family also lived in Leicester and briefly in India.

Varadkar grew up in the Blanchards town area of suburban west Dublin. At age 7 or 8, a precocious—and, as it turned out, prescient—Varadkar announced that he wanted to become minister for health.

Leo Varadkar Education

He attended a state-run Roman Catholic elementary school (St. Francis Xavier National School) and a private Protestant secondary school (the King’s Hospital) before studying medicine at Trinity College Dublin.

>> Watch Full Video here

After completing his medical degree at Trinity (2003), he worked for several years as a junior doctor at St. James’s and Connolly hospitals in Dublin before qualifying, like his father, as a general practitioner (2010).

Leo varadkar kiss video

It looks fake because it has a sub Father Ted level of acting on display (it’s only short of a mic boom drifting into shot), Leo Varadkar clearly looks for the go sign camera is rolling and awkwardly both men move in for the money shot.

It has to be fake because why would this be an uber controversial thing to whip up a moral panic in the very pro rainbow bought and paid for Irish media complex.

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