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Russian Brick Incident – russian brick video trending


Road accidents are fairly a great matter to discuss and more often these incidents are discussed as a matter that is completely unprecedented. It is also reported that the woman misplaced her life in that accident.

Also, it has been recorded by the dashcam.Their harrowing shrieks and cries for help continue to the end of the footage. The woman was named locally as Olga Gaikovichn and local news sources report that she was rushed to hospital but later died of her injuries.

Russian brick video

The brick smashes straight into the window of the Audi A4, hitting the passenger’s head.The car continues driving at first but then gradually slows down to a stop.

A truck in the opposite direction drives past, and a brick comes flailing off it Reddit seems to be quite a spot where people speak more often about them.The Russian Brick Incident is known to be a representative of the same and as a result people wants to speak more about it.

Video dashcam footage shows moment a brick flies off a truck and smashes through passing car’s windscreen killing 29-year-old woman moment a passenger in a car was ki!!ed by a flying brick that came off a truck.Harrowing dash-cam footage shows the Audi A4 travelling down a road in Russia.

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