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Shylah Rodden dies in rollercoaster crash | Shylah Rodden Passed Away


Shylah Rodden death news trending on social media like twitter and reddit. In this article we are going to inform you that who is Shylah Rodden ? And what happened to her.

Who was Shylah Rodden?

Shylah Rodden is a 26 years old girl. She is from Australia and is of Australian nationality. She is the daughter of Alan Rodden and has a sister named Caisha. The high school she attended and the university she graduated from are under review.

Shylah Rodden cause of death:

A rollercoaster victim’s family has condemned online trolls after receiving cruel abuse. The victim was horribly hurt and is currently fighting for her life.

After the incident that occurred at the Royal Melbourne Show in Australia on Sunday night, 26-year-old Shylah Rodden is still in a serious state and in a coma.

Her father claims that she was pulled nine meters into the air before she fell to the ground in front of onlookers, leaving her with injuries and brain damage.

However, as Shylah’s family gathers around her battered corpse in the hospital, they are also dealing with internet harassment.

Her sister Caisha told the DailyMail: “It’s sad and disgusting to see the false stories and cover up when my sister is fighting for her life.”After police and the show’s organizers said that Shylah had been hit while attempting to collect her phone, online trolls blatantly accused her of being responsible for the tragedy.

One man wrote under a news story about the tragedy: “Serves herself right for going where she is not supposed to be going.”

Another said: “It’s not a freak accident, when she was somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be.” The media has chosen not to print many of the remarks since they were so harsh.

Caisha claimed that her family, who are already having a difficult time coping, were suffering even more because of the rumors.

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