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The ‘only’ time you should wash your hair – expert tips for a ‘healthy scalp


Healthy hair requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep, but just how often should you be washing yours? Express.co.uk spoke to experts for a guide, tips and ingredients to help you know when and how to give your hair the attention it needs.

Getting into a hair-washing routine can be easy, not because you need to, but because it’s what you think you should do.

But according to experts, depending on hair type, frequently washing your hair can do much more harm than good. For those hoping to restore life in their locks, the answer could be as simple as switching up your washing routine.

How often should you be washing your hair?

A-list celebrity hairdresser Jon Hala said: “You should only wash your hair when it’s absolutely necessary.”You’ll be able to tell whether your hair needs a wash or not by running your hands through it and if it still feels soft and bouncy, it’s likely it won’t need a wash.

Mr Hala said: “Although the general recommendation is to wash it a maximum of one to two times a week, I’d say that it should only be washed when the hair is visibly oily.

“If the scalp is itchy or there are signs of flakiness due to dirt, then it’s clear it’s time for a wash.“Remember, for a healthy scalp you need natural sebum for healthy follicles and washing your hair too regularly will reduce this.”

What is the best way to gradually cut down on washing your hair?

Ms Thomas explained: “You can go for an all or nothing approach, but as with so many things in life if you can make gradual changes, you will get into a new, healthy habit that your hair will thank you for.

“If you are washing daily, try to go for every other day, with the intention of washing your hair two to three times a week in the long run.

“If you are self-conscious about your hair in between washes, there are some great dry shampoos out there which will absorb excess oil from your scalp and will add volume to your hair if it’s looking and feeling lank and greasy.”

You can also switch up the products you’re currently using to help slow down the process of it getting greasy, which will help with cutting down on washes.

Mr Hala said: “Make sure your new shampoo is ‘light’ so it doesn’t weigh your hair down, causing it to build up in oil and dirt.“Using less oil-based styling products such as serums would also be beneficial.”

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