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video of fisherman cheating – fishing world rocked by alleged cheating


Two anglers were disqualified from a fishing tournament in Cleveland on Friday after they were caught cheating by the judges.Professional fisherman Jake Runyan and his partner Chase Cominsky were stripped of victory as weights and fillets were found stuffed inside their winning walleye fish.

Jason Fischer, the director of the Lake Erie Walleye Trail, became suspicious of foul play when the five fish he guessed to weigh not more than four pounds each came to a total of 34 pounds on the scales.

video of fisherman cheating video:

The team of two competitors in the Lake Erie Walleye Trail contest were set to take home nearly $30,000 in winnings Friday when the tournament’s director, Jason Fischer, said he smelled something fishy.

The contest’s alleged shady participants, Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky, weighed in their five walleyes at a collective 34 pounds when usually each fish weighs closer to 4 pounds, for an expected total catch of around 20 pound.

Fischer cut open one fish’s stomach and found an extra fillet of walleye and lead balls had been apparently stuffed down its throat Someone else can be heard yelling in the video, which has since gone Trending.“He needs to be arrested, he needs to be prosecuted!” referring to the participants.

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