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Who Is Delaney Brennan? TCU Jack Elliott’s Girlfriend Arrested For His Boating Accident


In this article we are going to tell about who is Delaney Brennan. Delaney Brennan accident details on social media like twitter Instagram YouTube. And why he is trending on social media.

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Delaney Brennan
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Who is Delaney Brennan?

Delaney Brennan is a 21-year-old fashion student at Texas Christian University. She exited the girlfriend of Jake Elliott. Delaney is in the title after the truth of Jake’s demise is disclosed.

Dalaney Brennan accident details

Delaney Brennan’s life revolved upside down. She was playing and enjoying herself with her partner, Jack Elliott, at a boat party in Lake Travis. Brennan then playfully shoved Jack, which got him off the line.

Unfortunately, he hit the propeller and drowned in the water. Elliott was 19 then and was a student at Texas Christian University. His body was found ten days later, 100 feet below the water ground.

Delaney Brennan Arrested

The viewer decided to make a fake story to protect the truth from the authorities. They said Jack was Dr*nk, which affected him to fall overboard. The police initially understood the news. 

However, his parents raised their voices for a detailed inquiry. Later, it came out that Jack did not fall because he was happy he got kicked off the line.

Texas huge has punished Delaney and four other students for struggling to sketch a fake story. Brenna could expend up to 10 years behind the court and a $10k fine. She is planning for a pre-trial.

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