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Who Is SERENA MCKAY Video On Twitter, Reddit, YouTube


In this article we are going to tell about Who Is SERENA MCKAY ? SERENA MCKAY videos and photos trend on social media Twitter Instagram and YouTube Reddit.And why she is trend on social media.

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Serena Mckay was born on September 30, 1997.Mckay was born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada. Serena’s parents are Delores Daniels and Harvey McKay. 

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Her siblings are Jonathan McKay, Joshua Daniels, Michelle McKay, and Alexander McKay.

Serena went to  High School. She was studying in the 12th grade during the time of died.

Mckay was supposed to get a posthumous diploma at the convocation in June , and she was creating a scholarship.

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Serena McKay was a teen young lady whose video was recorded and transferred live on Facebook when she was died.

She was a young lady from Manitoba, Canada, while her body was found in Sagkeeng, 100 kilometers upper east from her home.


A couple of little youngsters as they recorded a video and transferred it live by means of Facebook. The video was recorded on a phone where both short and long recordings have been posted on the web.

The video was accessible for four hours has been taken out from the site now. Two high school young ladies were arrested and accused of second-degree died for the savage passing of Serena McKay.

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