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Yere Yeremia rambitan video trending – Ucapan Tak Pantas Yeremia Rambitan


In this article,we are going to tell about the men’s twofold player. Whose name is Yere Yeremia rambitan. Yeremia trending videos on social media Twitter Instagram and YouTube Reddit.and why he is trend on social media.

Why Supper Market of New York trending on social media

who likewise collaborated with Pramudya Kusumawardana.That he has additionally brought home the 2022 badminton Asia Championship.

Yere Yeremia rambitan
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And he likewise won the men’s twofold gold decoration on May 1, 2022, in the Philippines anyway. 

The name of Yeremia Rambitan, a badminton athlete from Indonesia has gone trending in cyberspace.

The reason is, a video circulating on social media tiktok in which Yeremia Rambitan or who is often called Yere said inappropriate words.

Gigi la mas video – gigi la mas trending video

The short video showed Yeremia Rambitan uttering rude words allegedly addressed to one of the volunteers from the Vietnam Games.

Not only that, in the video, Yere’s words were immediately greeted by laughter from the people around him.

The trending video of course sparked criticism from tiktok netizens. Many of them said that Jeremiah had a bad attitude. Some netizens also revealed that Yere’s disrespectful actions as in the video did not happen once.

Matheus sampaio video – matheus sampaio twitter

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